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MOTORTECH's customer orientated RMA-Service helps to have your product repaired as fast and efficiently as possible or with the handling of warranty services. Please keep in mind that a RMA number (Return of Material Authorization) is necessary in order to assure a trouble free repair, warranty claim or return of goods.


1. What do I need to do in order to receive a RMA-Number?
You can get a RMA-Number simply by contacting your sales representative per telephone or e-mail. She/He will then provide you with a questionaire alongside your RMA-Number in order to support the handling of your repair or warranty claim.

How do I find out which sales representative is responsible for me?
Please call our sales service number +49 5141 93 99 555 or send an e-mail with reference to “RMA-Claim” to direkt@motortech.de.

3. Why do I have to fill out a questionnaire?
The questionnaire is useful for assuring an error free and fast processing of your repair or guarantee claim. Please attach your receipt of purchase and fill in the questionnaire completely and legibly in order to avoid delays.

4. What happens when there is information missing in the questionnaire?
Until final clarification, your RMA will unfortunately not be processed. The handling of your RMA will be delayed accordingly. The date of receipt of your RMA starts when the questionnaire has been filled out completely.

5. How long will the processing of my RMA take?
The internal inspection varies according to the product. The processing of your RMA can take anywhere from 10 to 45 calender days. Questionnaires that are not completely filled out will delay the processing of your RMA.

6. How do I find out about the progress of my RMA
Your sales representative can inform you on the progress of your RMA upon the mentioning of your RMA-Number.

7. What can I do to make the processing of my RMA go faster?
Fill out your questionnaire completely and clearly. Declare the desired service (repair, guarantee claim, return) clearly by marking the given box. Give a significant description of the problem and attach a copy of your purchase receipt.

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