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High-quality branded industrial spark plugs and our own developments for high engine performance and rapid service.


For very close spark chambers, MOTORTECH develops long-format spark plugs with integrated cables.

see also MHP-Plugs

DENSO® Spark Plugs with Iridium electrodes for Industrial Use
Efficient and durable spark plugs, which preserve your gas engine and our environment. All common spark plugs available from stock.

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CHAMPION® Spark Plugs with Platinum Electrodes for
Industrial Use

All common spark plugs available from stock.

BERU® Spark Plugs with Iridium Electrodes for Industrial Use
Products for demanding engine concepts and strict environmental requirements. All common spark plugs available from stock.

Spark Plug Accessories and Tools

Spark Plug Sealing Rings

To ensure flawless spark plug installation, it is important to use quality sealing rings only. Our recommendation: Install new sealing rings at every spark plug change!

Spark Plug Thread Cleaner

Ensure the best spark plug heat conduction by regularly cleaning the plug threads in the engine. With our spark plug thread cleaner, you can clean professionally, quickly and reliably.

Spark Plug Cleaning Kit

Upscale spark plugs with electrodes made of precious metal make it financially sensible to clean and reinstall plugs in certain intervals. The electrode area is gently but thoroughly cleaned by using a special glass grit. Complete set with grit in plastic case.

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Spark Plug Gap Setting Tool

Would you like to extend the life of your spark plugs substantially and save time and money? We have just the tool for you! Can be used with all Champion® N-Type electrode design spark plugs.

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Ignition Coil Testing Equipment

For rapid and safe on-site troubleshooting of your ignition coils. This testing equipment is a mobile tool, with which you can safely and cost-effectively locate sources of error. Available in different versions for testing shielded, unshielded, external and integral coils.

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