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 MOT601 Series CD Ignition System

The self-powered MOT601 is a Capacitor Discharge (CD)

Ignition System for use on spark-ignited, single cylinder

engines with large flywheels. Engine mounted, very close to

the flywheel, the electronic components are supplied with

power by magnetic charging circuitry.


• Applicable for single cylinder applications with

  different flywheel sizes

• Self-powered electromagnetic system, no need

  for external power

• High primary energy

• Using crankshaft reference timing

• High accuracy ignition timing

• 2 separate ignition timings (startup and nominal)

• Safety shutdown input

• Supplies panel power


• Price effective system and parts

• Mainly maintenance-free system due to

  non-moving parts that wear out

• All components available as spare parts and

  interchangeable with competitor products

• 1 year warranty

• Available as complete system or single subcomponents.


Mode of Operation

The charging bar (5) with three strong magnets attached

to the flywheel passes the charging generator module(3)

that is attached to the engine in a fixed position at every

revolution of the flywheel. At every revolution the generator

module charges a capacitor in the electronic ignition module(2)

as a result of the magnetic field.

The trigger bar (6) with two magnets, which is likewise attached

to the flywheel, passes a pickup coil (4) that is attached to the

engine in a fixed position at every revolution of the engine.

When the trigger bar passes the pickup coil, the energy stored in

the capacitor is discharged into the attached ignition coil (7).

Ordering Information




 Equivalent to



 MOT601 ignition system

 AEI® FM601
 MURPHY® 72-70-0125

Ordering Information – Sub-Components




 Equivalent to



 Electronic ignition module

 AEI® 400A-8814
 ARROW® A400A-8814
 MURPHY® 72-00-0024



 Charging generator

 AEI® 260D-8810
 ARROW® A260D-8810
 MURPHY® 72-00-0025



 Magnetic pickup harness

 AEI® 270A-8817
 ARROW® A400A-8817
 MURPHY® 72-00-0026



 Magnetic charging bar

 AEI® 400A-8813
 ARROW® A400A-8813
 MURPHY® 72-00-0027



 Magnetic trigger bar

 AEI® 400A-8811
 ARROW® A400A-8811
 MURPHY® 72-00-0028



 Ignition coil

 AEI® 1187
 ARROW® 330-2-AI-46
 MURPHY® 72-70-0235






























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