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The MOTORTECH program for reliable gas engine control and management.

DetCon anti-tap-regulation is used to prevent capital engine damage, which is caused by tapping combustion, particularly when using gases with different qualities (methane number).

Available variants:
DetCon2 (1-2 sensors)
DetCon20 (2-20 sensors)

Exhaust Temperature Monitoring Systems

The TempScan temperature module developed by MOTORTECH picks up temperatures in and on the engine and forwards these as an electrical signal for analysis using a CANopen interface.

TYPE J/K and PT 100/1000 thermo-elements may be used for this. The CANopen Bus makes it possible to ensure that only the data required by the regulation and control technology is available.

The TempScan is currently offered in three designs: As an 8-channel design for simultaneous receipt of 8 temperatures and a corresponding 16-channel and 24-channel version.
The electronic components are protected from vibrations in a sealed aluminum casing.

CSA® and ATEX® authorization.

The operating data of the TempScan20 temperature scanner will be completely visualized via HMI module (Human Machine Interface). The overview screen shows the relevant information as combustion chamber temperature individually by cylinder or status of programmed temperature thresholds (Low – Normal – High – Switching Digital Output).

Speed Control Systems

Throttle Bodies with Integrated Stepper Motor

• For naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines
• For use with natural gas, biogas (minor H2S content), mine gas, etc. • Available as Series 50, 100, 140, 200
• Butterfly diameter 42 – 115 mm (1.65 – 4.53 in.),
  other dimensions available on request

Sales Flyer Throttle Bodies for MAN® E2876 LE 202/212/302 Series
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Sales Flyer Throttle Bodies for WAUKESHA® VHP Series Engines
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Sales Flyer ITB - Integrated Throttle
english | chinese

Various throttles are available. All moving parts are made of stainless steel to survive in the harshest environments including H2S.

Generator & CHP Control Systems

As a result of long-distance data transmission, new possibilities for reducing costs in the service department have arisen for monitoring, controlling, regulating and protecting the system.

All system performance data, histories and parameters are sent to you via modem, internet or SMS service. This means you can noticeably improve the system availability for your end customers.


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